We make cakes to suit every occasion. Our customizeable alcoholic cakes and non alcoholic cakes come in all of the same cupcake flavors you love, we also take flavor requests when possible. Pricing, size availabilty, and sample photos are below. Please note some Top Shelf flavors may vary in price:

7.5 inch Giant Cupcake Cake– one tier House brand alcohol $55, Top Shelf $65 (multi tier is extra)
8.5 inch Bundt Cake– House brand alcohol $50, Top Shelf $60
9 inch round Cake – House brand alcohol $85, Top Shelf $95
10.5 inch round Cake– House brand alcohol $110, Top Shelf $120
Multi Tier Cakes– Please contact us for pricing. Email: or Call: (213)986-8166

Seagrams 7&7 10.5 inch Birthday cake

Seagrams 7&7 Birthday Cake 10.5 inch

Red Velvet Martini Bachelorette 9 inch Cake

Margarita Birthday Cake 10.5 inches

Whiskey & Coke Birthday Cake 9 inch

Strawberries & Champagne Birthday Cake with customized pink color

Vanilla Tequilla Engagement Cake customized gold

3 tier Rose ombre multi tier cupcake cake for wedding

2 Tier custom Birthday cake, Adios top tier Pina Colada bottom

Customized Wedding Cake/Cupcake Crystal Tower

Corporate Strawberries & Champagne Cake with customized edible logo 10.5 inch

Adios Giant Cupcake Cake 7.5 inch

Screw Driver Birthday Cake 6 inch

Whiskey Raisin Bundt Cake 9 inch